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We are a leading production support resource in Florida. We provide technical labor support for meeting planners, production companies, producers, marketing tours, concert tours, hotels, resorts, conventions, exhibits, trade shows, associations, and a whole host of other corporate-sponsored gatherings. Whether you are a small production company ’just looking for a hand’ or a multi-million dollar brand launching a the mind-blowingly product release party, or conducting a seminar for a crowd of a hundred or a hundred thousand, AVN will be there with an excellent staff and the highest levels of support imaginable. Our management team can help you strategically plan and implement the right crew for all your production needs.


  • Audio Stagehands,
  • Video Stagehands,
  • Lighting Stagehands,
  • Audio Technicians,
  • Video Technicians,
  • Lighting Technicians,
  • Audio Engineers,
  • Video Engineers,
  • Lighting Directors,
  • Labor Coordinators,

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