Shay Doran

Shay has spent the last few years on intensive expeditions, exploring some of the most remote parts of our planet. He believes that freedom of thought is gained through understanding new perspectives and the more we understand from great minds, the greater we become in our own lives. Shay views growing up, self-censorship & self-doubt as a journey that many of us take.

“We come into a world that’s fully open. A world where we can dream of anything, become anything. We believe in adventure & curiosity, nothing holds us back. As we grow, views are projected onto many of us, by society, our parents, friendships, teachers, what we hear & see from those around us. We begin to question & self censor our dreams & personality.

These views, combined with our internal thoughts, gradually construct an intricate cage around our minds, without even realizing. Each steel bar is made from our perceptions, judgments of self, rights & wrongs, what we’re told we should & shouldn’t do, should & shouldn’t be, what we believe we’re good & bad at, comparing ourselves to others.

Many of us follow a path, school, university, career, buy a house, get married, have kids, think about retirement & not having to work. We remain in similar social circles and environments, taking advice & following guidance from people on similar journeys, from similar countries, with similar backgrounds. Yet, when we reach our late 20’s / early 30’s, sometimes before or after, we stop & question ourselves. Is this really what I want? Is this actually making me happy?”

Shay believes at this point people have a choice. To either continue in the same cycle of unhappiness, self-questioning & self-doubt, or to move onto a different path. A path of learning new perspectives to open our minds.

Shay searches for minds that demonstrate fascinating ways of thinking, going against the norm & achieving great things. He believes by learning and sharing these methods, we unlock a renewed sense of freedom & ability, allowing us to think for ourselves once again, believe in the dreams that became distant and transform our own ways of thinking.

“As individuals, we forget to invest in ourselves first. We become so focused on following what others say or trying to make others happy. Take the time to learn new perspectives, unlock your freedom of thought, and begin listening to yourself”. You can learn more & read about Shay’s journey at