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Being accused of a Misdemeanor or Felony offense (including DUI or Drug Possession) is no light matter, and you will need a competent Criminal Defense attorney by your side.  Orange County Criminal Defense lawyer Sam Salhab has dedicated his professional career to providing solutions to those who face criminal charges. Because of the emphasis on personalized attention he firmly believes every client deserves, Sam’s services are sought after by people of all walks of life. Sam Salhab is committed to understanding your side of the story and giving you the best possible legal advice in your case. With his strong background in helping clients facing serious allegations and his concentration in the field, Sam will provide you with experienced and sound legal advice to help resolve your case with the most favorable result possible. If you take your case and future seriously and want an attorney that does the same, call our office today.
 Orange County Personal Injury Lawyer - Sam Salhab

Orange County Personal Injury Lawyer - Sam Salhab
Facing a criminal charge is an overwhelming and frightening time in a person’s life. It is easy to get depressed, as one may not know where to turn, or what one’s options are. That’s where the Law Office of Sam Salhab comes in. We will help answer all questions that you may have regarding your case and offer experienced legal advice to help alleviate any of your concerns during this difficult time.
Sam Salhab is dedicated to providing the finest and most competent legal representation to his clients. The way the criminal justice system is run today, those charged with crimes often feel like they have little influence or say in the outcome of their case. They feel like the lawyer that they have has done little or nothing to move their case forward, or that they are being forced into a “deal” or plea-bargain that is not in their best interests. Not surprisingly, many clients have not even seen their police reports or even received a copy of the complaint against them. Sam believes that every client deserves personalized attention when it comes to their legal matter, and this is why Sam’s services are so sought after. Here is a small biography describing Sam’s roots in the legal field and his approach to helping clients.
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