Experience Of The Sterile Milk - This time I'll share a little experienceSince I was a kid, when I have a fever, my mother always gave me a can of milk Bear (Bear Brand) at bedtime. The next day, my body feels much better. Whether what is contained in this bear milk, which is clearly different properties with similar sterile milk. 

Sterile Milk? . Bear milk is not "her milk from a bear" but it's just that their brand of cow's milk Bear. If not mistaken, the first bear mascot logo is a bear hug children, but now holding a glass. 
According to information in the cans, this Bear milk is milk through sterilization processing. What is sterilization? Sterilization is by heating the milk above the boiling point for a few seconds. 
When I lecture, I've done experiments in sterilization processing of cow's milk. According to my professor that time, in milk sterilization, harmful bacteria will die, as well as some vitamins and beneficial bacteria will die and be broken, due to a lack of bacteria, eating milk sterilization can be more durable if the appropriate treatment. 
Unlike pasteurization, milk is heated just below boiling point, then cooled. This type of milk lasts only 1-2 days only. 
My Experience - When the agency started bad, weak, slightly dizzy, and feverish. Bedtime I drank the milk bear. a few minutes later, the body will sweat a lot. This only happens when our bodies are less comfortable / pain. When the body healthy and we drank the milk Bears, it will feel normal, no sweat that out. I was actually curious, is there any other content from this Bear milk? Apart from pure cow's milk of course. 
Bears have a lot of milk helped me to recover body condition post-illness, or less well, no wonder, there's always Bear's milk in my fridge, just in case if one time of need. [ ]