What's News Today's Corruption - If we talk about corruption, then we will be reminded of greedy officials who mengembat rat mentality of money or property that is not a part. Corruption (Latin: corruptio of a meaningful verb corrumpere rotten, corrupt, destabilizing, twisting, bribing).Literally, corruption is the behavior of public officials, whether politicians or civil servants politician, which is not fair and not legal enrich enrich themselves or those close to him, with the misuse of public power entrusted to them. From the standpoint of law, corruption outline includes the following elements: tort of abuse of authority, opportunity, or means; enrich themselves, others, or corporation; financial harm state or state economy;. And according to the Regional Ministry of Education in 2008, Corruption is the act of using power for their own interests (such as embezzlement or accepting bribes.) Of the Corruption of understanding the terminology alone is unlawful and malicious acts, especially if to be implemented.

What's News Today's CorruptionHistory of corruption has been long enough since there is a written history. In tahun1300 SM has no death penalty for officials who accept bribes. In India in the 3rd century BC there are experts who analyze 40 kinds of graft. In ancient times the existing Olympic bribery to become champion of the 2nd and memerima menguntukan bribes are considered more than a champion 1 (and giving bribes).Today corruption is a threat to all countries, in addition to terrorism, global warning, poverty, ignorance and population explosion. Corruption is regarded as a disease arising from third world. This is certainly not true because the word corruption comes from Europe. What happens in the world right now actually being experienced by South West in 18-19 century.But a society is usually not a long memory. In the West there was also the purchase of office, bribery to retain office, even auction the colonial office, which is an attractive source of income. As done in Spain and the Netherlands.Position is considered as belonging to a trade or business which dimaksimisasi to obtain personal profit.State cash cow is the object.

What's News Today's CorruptionNarrow loyalty to the family or group is considered higher than loyalty to the state and nation wide. Kinship is one of the oriental culture and economic characteristics of relatives (nepotism) was developed in the bureaucracies that are considered trading business. Acts of corruption that gets punished, not because of corruption itself, but because it is less consistent. Corruption is part of life, we must berkoeksistensi with it, but I do have to match.So the question is not there, but bagaimananya. In other words, ubiquitous corruption can occur, as long as corrupt individuals. If this individual moral degeneration moral kemorosotan creeping into society, the corruption is rampant and affects in all fields, and people do not know how and where to start with membasminya.

What's News Today's CorruptionIn the soft state, corruption is used as a means of raising power and to stabilize the position so that instabil in society. Position can be withdrawn suddenly, someone can be replaced with a variety of reasons it is not considered destabilitatoris dipaksakan.korupsi, but the challenge of corruption was the one who resisted, because it can mendestabilsasi. Officials would argue strongly that there is corruption, while people who know the situation is just massaging the chest or a wry laugh in his heart. Sometimes the elephants even corrupt class with calm faces in public advocate for honest people.

Corruption itself is difficult to prove because they do not testify and be done with sophisticated. There are black corruption, there is a gray and even white. Black clearly violate the law, which are gray dipinggiran law (eg gas money), and the white is controversial (eg commissions, coffee money) or forced to do (something very important not to be obtained if no bribe). In the current reform period, it has a lot of criminals-criminals in jail, including elephants class besang of Mr. Beye own. but a lot of corruption kecillah found everywhere such as employees taking a piece of paper to personal interests and there are half a million employees who do it every week, can be imagined how great losses to the state.

Corruption is essentially dredging state property by employees.This may be due to misinterpreting the slogan that the employee is Abdi countries (slaves, servants of the state) is not a servant is a country and its king is an employee. In a corrupt society ubiquitous corruption. Extorting money from us being in the mother's womb (eg order a maternity hospital beds) to enter the tomb (the tomb we pay for not being evicted), and on every second of them. With the dissemination of corruption tolerated by konsetrasi at strategic posts and maintained stability, for groups who are not happy and strong is not a coup. This of course is not fair (Fair) for those not willing or unable to conduct a coup. Statement of corruption can be managed with balanced so most satisfied.

A profit in the corruption, of course, corrupt, and their family group, as well as rich people. In addition to wealth, corruption also help tame the elite strategic domiciled and those who bought it was placed among the masses and the rulers. As in the past Order (Order of the more old New Order) has become a culture of corruption from the father of President until Mr. Head Village in remote villages.

But at this present time of corruption began to "tame" little by little, corruption in the past just suddenly between halal haram, but now corruption is considered to act that is forbidden and highly reprehensible. Office-government and private offices in the outboard stickers that read "Beware of the dangers Latent Corruption". Even government agencies have formed the KPK (Corruption Eradication Commission) as "the corruption cop." Not a few officials and former officials who have entered into the hotel without cost for the mediation of the hands of the Commission.Although the Commission is now starting diobok meddle by parties who do not want corruption scandal uncovered.

And if corruption could be obliterated from the face of this earth?The answer is a variety ranging from the pessimistic and optimistic. From a pessimistic group and some even issued a statement that corruption will still exist throughout the human pocket is still facing upwards. But the group is optimistic pessimist groups argue that corruption can be eliminated as long as there will and agreement of all parties, not the corruption that can be removed by continuing to practice the religion correctly, and some are of the opinion that corruption can be eliminated by means of violence (to maximize the device legislation legislation and apparatus for preventing corruption).Well this is by force applied by the government are trying now by operating the KPK as police corruption.

But according to the opinion of the writer of corruption that is ingrained in this country how to counteract the virus can be eliminated corruption-Viru it early, health slogans like "better to prevent than cure. As the current discourse of anti korusi incorporated into school curricula in terms of subject in school is anti corruption. Regardless of the pros and cons of this discourse, it would be nice if it kemudharatan corruption from an early age (primary school age at the time) unknown. Is not the New Order's reign, the government managed to make the whole society to know the sinfulness of PKI and his minions through the campaign on an ongoing basis. Did the Government have now could take the New Order government campaign methods used, namely mengkapanyekan as a latent danger and real danger that any time can affect anyone.Finally passed away to us all that from now on we must instill in our hearts and to our grandchildren that corruption is dangerous, as even more dangerous than communism, and if we are able to have principles like that undoubtedly corruption would soon depart from our country tampa change models change clothes with clothes kanting facing down.