Location: Village Leang-Leang Bantimurung, Maros Regent, South Sulawesi.
Area: about 1.5 acres
Distance and Time Travel

The distance that must be taken is 30 km or 1 hour from Makassar to Maros. While the distance from the Maros to the location of the site is 13 km or about 45 minutes because of lack of good roads impassable. So the total distance itself is 43 km and travel time that must be taken is 2 hours.

Vehicle Access
To reach this location can be reached by car or motorcycle.Whereas if you want to use the pete-pete (mini bus), the route to be taken are:
Pete-pete 05 - get off at Pioneer Road Independence - disconnected pete-pete Power majors - get off at Terminal Power - rose pete-pete majors Maros - get off at the terminal Maros - rose pete-pete Bantimurung goal - down the hall toward the Leang-Leang - 
arrived at Leang-Leang. It could also just take the pete-pete Bantimurung majors and down the hallway toward the Prehistoric Park Leang-Leang. Or by chartered car to go Parks Leang-Leang.

Visitor Ticket Prices
- Tourism: Rp. 10.000/orang
- Local Tourist: Rp. 3.000/orang
- Child school / group: Rp.2.000/orang
Total Cost
- With a couple of times to change the pete-pete: Rp. 22.500/orang
- By chartering or car-pete pete: Rp. 75,000.
Services and Facilities
Wisma post ticket sales, along the track, 4 pieces gazebo, bridge liaison.
Leang-leang are part of hundreds of prehistoric caves scattered on rocky hills (karst) Maros-Pangkep. 
Leang means cave in Makassar language (Indonesian: liang which means the hole).Leang-Leang Prehistory Park is located in District Batimurung, Maros, South Sulawesi.
Wall paintings in caves at Leang-Leang looks quite interesting.From these pictures, we can know what kind of prehistoric human life. One of the images is estimated as a stamp palms palms belonging to one tribe member who has followed the ritual of cutting a finger. The ritual was conducted as a sign of mourning for the death of those closest. The pictures on the second lot of the red cave, which is made from a natural dye that can penetrate into the solid rock pores that can not be erased and survived thousands of years.
Inventors Leang-leang Goa is Mister and Miss Heeren Van Heekeren Palm. 
Two Dutch archaeologists have found the pictures on the walls of the cave (rock painting) in Goa, and Petta Pettae Kere in 1950. Age of ancient paintings on the Leang-Leang estimated 5,000 years. Some archaeologists even believe that some of the cave has been inhabited since 8,000 to 3000 BC (BCE).
In Goa and Goa Petta Kere Pettae have pictures on the walls of hand-leang Leang.
Goa Pettae facing west. Images found in this cave is five and one hand drawing a picture hog deer jumped by an arrow in his chest.In addition, both archaeological artifacts were also found flakes, blades, and the shells are deposited at the mouth of the cave. To see this, we have to climb 26 stairs.
Goa Petta Kere located 300 meters next to the Cave Pettae.Artefacts found in this cave are 2 images hog deer, 27 images of your hand, flakes tool bar, and arrowheads. To reach this cave visitors must climb 64 stairs. Prehistoric Park Landscape Leang-Leang looks really beautiful, so perfect for nature tourism cultural tourism as well.***