Tragic, our law enforcement officials again marred its existence.Imagine the law enforcement officers have claimed the lives of at least 7 people Buol Southeast. The average victim exposed to hot tin apparatus on the body and head. From the police as many as 19 people from the Police Mobile Brigade unit were wounded by throwing stones and Molotov cocktails guns and sharp weapons sabetan. (Kompas.com. 01/09/2010).Is this in accordance with the SOP (safe procedure and equipment) to relieve riot police in mass?.
Is not in order to each treatment under any circumstances, the police always apply the standard operating procedure that is full of persuasive approach?.Yes … The police always claimed mememakai memangangani persuasive approach in mass riots, bad bagaimanapun.Tapi why in reality, the field still arises victim lives in society?.The general public already knows the general management of the police, in the face of mass riot. First held approach to drive the masses, for the mob disperse. If there is no work to reach an agreement, then used the mass pembubuaran way by firing water cannons or tear gas.

This procedure seems more effectively dissolve the mass, and also not going to threaten the lives of the masses, who notabenenya the Indonesian people themselves, who deserve diayomi and protected.Is Already Under SOP?Further handling is a shooting, according to the opinion of the writer shooting with real bullets this is the last alternative. Handling is done if the mass had been very violent and very difficult to control. The shooting in this leg are paralyzed, not to kill. Here the shot is not the whole mass, but only been on the forefront of violent action. Another mass will automatically dissolve itself, if possible intervention of their friends by a bullet.But we usually read in a newspaper-newspapers. When there are riots and the resulting loss of life, then the authorities would argue it has been standard operating procedure. They shot her feet, but stray into parts of his body or head. If that indeed happens, then the authorities should evaluate their human resources. Kok foot shot, stray bullet chest or head?. Is not the entire personnel of security forces, simultaneously held a practice shoot-out. Then where did it go? Where flair of a personnel officer in a sniper shooting?.It can not be denied, in riots, tend to very violent and indiscriminate.What are used as a tool to attack the officers. Moreover, if the mass had been overwhelmed with a sensitive issue.

They will attack blindly to the source or the people who do “evil” for them or their community. No matter whether it’s officers or anyone else, no matter whether the attack was a rifle or gun. Mass hearts have been implanted a nerve “tremendous” overwhelming result sensisitif issue earlier.It is time the police learn a lot of psychology and sociology issues.Implementation of the curriculum that need to be implemented early. Police non-commissioned officer candidates, have lots of class sat listening to public lectures from experts of psychology and sociology. Military-style practice questions that under-emphasized. When the early formulation of the system is more police officers militeristiknya system, then trust and believe, the result of the formulation of the protective apparatus and guidance as militaristic society that will act also in the field later.Is not our president, Mr. Yudhoyono has launched a reform of the Indonesian National Police in your body, whether the system of recruitment, formulation and implementation of the aegis and protection system to the public, should be on reform. Indonesian National Police is only fitting besifat besikap and civil. And in carrying out its duties in the field, always carry out tasks aegis and protection, using civilian properties. Not using the militaristic nature in the face of every disturbance kantibmas.
When the militaristic nature have been applied, then the result is loss of life arising from their own community. People who said diayomi and protected by the police.Root ProblemsWhen we analyze the causes of unrest in Central Sulawesi Buol.The trigger was the death of someone who works as a motorcycle in police custody Biau Buol Central Sulawesi. Earlier this motorcycle taxi drivers huddled diltahanan due lakalantas case.And the chance that a victim of the motorcycle taxi drivers earlier, is the security forces. Then a motorcycle was killed ditahanan.Families and the mass of a motorcycle before they must have met each pat on the head about the cause of death of their family and friends. That there pat on the head they must have been alleged, that a motorcycle was killed “persecuted” by the authorities ditahanan.Allegations such as this will spread to all the masses, and if the issue has spread more than 2 mouth, then this conjecture automatically become “facts” to the masses earlier. They will hold the resistance or the judgments of “fact” was. “Facts” are true is the notion, because it has not proven to be true. In this case, the mass dibuol has embedded their pat on the head, that the family or their friends were killed in the mayhem by officials ditahanan. By reason that the officers had responded dendan because, who became the victim of a motorcycle before the apparatus as well.Unfortunate indeed, when a tragedy like this should be etched again on Indonesian soil. Community inflamed lives uprooted due to the hot tin apparatus.
On the other hand, not a few officers were seriously wounded due to the mass fury. How many casualties in vain either from public or officer who collapsed to the ground. How many cases of bleeding that should occur.It seems like those mentioned above, that much needed reform within the Indonesian National Police. Also needed concrete understanding to the public in general, about the importance of awareness of security and order in society. Communities do not easily provoked by issues that have not been tested truth. And technical understanding of this kantibmas must be disseminated to the general public. It has always been a familiarity with kantibmas.Namely the establishment of a litigious society (Kadarkum) in some sub-districts.
But when viewed practice now, only a few areas that get enlightenment about Kadarkum.Now and the future should be intensified enlightenment enlightenment-kantibmas, kadarkum to the general community as a whole. Enlightenment is to pass the courses in the general population, school-schools, campuses, organizations and youth organizations. And when sensitive issues arise, can be neutralized by the communities themselves. And society will not do silly things and more brutal. Ultimately detrimental to the general public itself.Learning from the case Buol, both sides must learn to exercise restraint. Learning to put yourself each street in accordance with their respective functions. The police party to reform itself to use or handling of the situation however, by proposing a system of civil and persuasive as possible. On the other hand, people are also aware and not easily provoked by a sensitive situation. And all the problems that let the officers who completed, do not quasi-vigilante and do a little bit would clash with the authorities.
Because it is guidance as police officers and the public protector.Finally, hopefully this is the case Buol closing event for all the bloody events in Indonesia. Because Mother Earth will be more melancholy, if watching the children of this nation to attack another brutal and bloody and then die. Peace always be my people.(**)