Today we can please our children with a variety of games, one of them is Baby Bingo game. Baby Bingo aims to get 5 numbers in one horizontal row on a Baby Bingo card covered with pieces of baby covers. This toy consists of a machine player, 1 card checking lists, 40 Baby Bingo cards, 120 pieces of cover, and 90 numbered pieces. Games 2-4 people can do is provide its own excitement because players have to shout the numbers out of the machine before putting copies in the check list, and when it reaches 5 digits enclosed in a single chip cover a horizontal row, players have to shout Baby Bingo! It may be that at one time there could be two or more cries of Baby Bingo!.

How to Play: 

Enter the numbered pieces (blue) into the machine player 

Each player chooses one or more bingo cards and pieces of cover (red) 

Players take turns playing and playing machine
When the pieces numbered out of the machine, the player is hard to read numbers and put it on the checking list 

If the numbers are out there on one bingo card, the number of Baby Bingo card covered with a chip cover
If there are players who can close the horizontal line with 5 numbers, then he had to shout Baby Bingo!
Baby Bingo players who scream the first time is the winner
If there are two or more players who scream Baby Bingo simultaneously, then the player who has the total figure is covered with the highest chip winner.***